Clarification on how images are selected by layouts...

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Clarification on how images are selected by layouts...

Postby aann » Mon Sep 18, 2006 1:08 am


The screen saver, layout, and other features are great! I can generally get the results I want, but one area of WPC isn't clear to me -- how the logic of choosng a layout and wallpaper works...

Here are the things I understand:
* Set a specific wallpaper file to use either "Auto Layout" or "Specify Layout"
* Create a Layout with a Wallpaper object that specifies a specific category of Wallpaper.
* Set the screen saver to use a category of Layouts
* Enable or disable Layouts, Wallpaper Categories.
* "Set as Wallpaper Using Category"

What I don't quite understand is how all of these work together... a

Sometimes I get the error message "Eeturned size <= 0" from the screen saver, which seems to indicate that it couldn't find any enabled images that fit the criteria of the layout?

A quick explanation of which settings take precedence over the others would help.



Postby Marc G » Tue Sep 26, 2006 7:58 am

Can you send me the exact error message that is shown? I've never encountered the "Returned size <= 0" error message. It seems that it might be caused by some corrupt image somewhere in the list.

The WPC flow basically works as follows:
  • Choose a new wallpaper: either randomly or in sequence based on the user preference in enabled wallpaper categories.
  • If a layout is attached to this wallpaper (=specify layout), use that layout even if the layout category is disabled, otherwise (=auto layout) select a layout either randomly or in sequence based on the user preference and only in enabled categories.
  • When the screensaver is running it can either use all available layout categories or you can select a specific layout category for it. This layout category for the screensaver can be disabled as a normal category. This allows you to create a category of layouts that will only be used for the screensaver and never for desktop layouts.
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Thanks for the reply...

Postby aann » Wed Sep 27, 2006 2:54 am

Thanks for the explanation. The error message is now a bit different, so I will post both in the bug report forum.


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