Next BeCPP UG Meeting Planned For January 9th, 2018

The next meeting of the Belgian C++ Users Group is planned for Tuesday January 9th, 2018 at 18:00 at Barco.

Barco ( ) is sponsoring this event by providing the location, drinks and catering.

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The agenda is as follows:

  • 18:00: Sandwiches.
  • 18:30: Session 1: Threads are evil (Frederik Vannoote)
    Many applications beyond the scope of “Hello World” use threads for various reasons. Be it for having many sequential execution paths, preventing a blocked UI or offloading CPU intensive tasks to the background.
    However threads don’t come for free. They suddenly add a complex dimension to a simple application. Who dares to claim to have written a flawless threaded application? Is it really bringing a performance boost?
    Let’s have a closer look to what we are facing when using threads and what alternatives we have.
  • 19:00: Session 2: Legacy code refactoring case (Roeland Van Lembergen)
    Going from legacy C++ code to state of the art tested and testable code by means of focused refactoring and componentization. Building a future proof platform using code generation.
  • 19:30: Break
  • 19:45: Session 3: Boost.Asio C++ (Network) Programming (Lieven de Cock)
    Boost.Asio is a cross-platform C++ library for network and low-level I/O programming, either using a synchronous or asynchronous model. We will examine this powerful library in 2 sessions. The first session will first focus on using it as a task processor, something to offload work to, in a nice scaling way with respect to threads. Next we will have a look at timers based upon this library. Equipped with the basic techniques we will start looking at the networking part, first examining some structures and some first network activities, and if time permits it we will implement a first network client. From this talk on boos:asio:ioservice is ready to service you!
    In the second session we will dive head first in the network programming with no further limits.
    Note that the C++ Standard networking proposals are based directly on Boost.Asio, so next to learning this great library we are also preparing for the future C++ standard.
  • 20:45: Experience tour by Barco (Laserprojection/extreme surround sound in new cinema format, operation room for healthcare, control room, entertainment/concerts…), followed by a drink.

The event is free for everyone, but you need to register for it.

There are 100 seats available for this event.

Note: The deadline for registrations is January 5th, 2018!


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