About Me

I’m Marc Gregoire and I’m a software engineer from Belgium.

I graduated from the Catholic University Leuven, Belgium, with a degree in “Burgerlijk ingenieur in de computer wetenschappen” (equivalent to Master of Science in Engineering in Computer Science) in 2003. In 2004 I got the cum laude degree of Master In Artificial Intelligence at the same university. In 2005 I started working for a software consultancy company (Ordina). My main expertise is C/C++ and specifically Microsoft VC++ and the MFC framework. Next to C/C++, I also like C# and use PHP for creating webpages. Besides my main interest for Windows development, I also have experience in developing C++ programs running 24×7 on Linux platforms and in developing critical 2G, 3G software running on Solaris for telecom operators.

I also create freeware and shareware programs that are distributed through my website at http://www.nuonsoft.com.

I’m a member on the CodeGuru forum (as Marc G) and also wrote some articles for CodeGuru.

I post at CodeGuru I contributed to CodeGuru

Since April 2007 I have received the yearly Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for my Visual C++ expertise.