About Me

Marc Gregoire is a software architect from Belgium. He graduated from the University of Leuven, Belgium, with a degree in “Burgerlijk ingenieur in de computer wetenschappen” (equivalent to Master of Science in engineering in computer science). The year after, he received the cum laude degree of master in artificial intelligence at the same university. After his studies, Marc started working for a software consultancy company called Ordina Belgium. As a consultant, he worked for Siemens and Nokia Siemens Networks on critical 2G and 3G software running on Solaris for telecom operators. This required working in international teams stretching from South America and USA to EMEA and Asia. Now, Marc is working for Nikon Metrology on 3D laser scanning software.

His main expertise is C/C++, and specifically Microsoft VC++ and the MFC framework. He has experience in developing C++ programs running 24×7 on Windows and Linux platforms; for example, KNX/EIB home automation software and critical 2G, 3G software running on Solaris for telecom operators. Next to C/C++, Marc also likes C# and uses PHP for creating web pages.

Marc is the founder of the Belgian C++ Users Group (www.becpp.org), author of “Professional C++”, co-author of “C++ Standard Library Quick Reference“, technical editor on numerous books, and creates freeware and shareware programs that are distributed through his website at http://www.nuonsoft.com.

Since April 2007, he received the yearly Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award for his Visual C++ expertise (except in 2017).