C++17 Removed and Deprecated Features

My friend Marius Bancila has posted a nice overview about existing C++ features that have been either removed by C++17 (after being deprecated in a previous version) or that have been deprecated in C++17 so that they could be removed sometime in the future. His list is not exhaustive, but the most important of these removed or deprecated features are mentioned. Removed features include:

  • throw(typeid)
  • std::auto_ptr
  • std::random_shuffle
  • std::unary_function / binary_function
  • std::ptr_fun
  • std::bind1st, bind2nd
  • And more

Deprecated features include:

  • std::uncaught_exception
  • throw()
  • std::unary_negate / binary_negate
  • std::not1 / not2
  • The <codecvt> header
  • And more

Read his blog post here.


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