Visual Studio 2017 version 15.9 Released

Microsoft has release version 15.9 of Visual Studio 2017. This update includes a few interesting new additions for C++ developers. From their VC++ release notes:

  • We’ve added the “step back” feature in the debugger for C++ in the Visual Studio Enterprise Edition. Step back enables you to go back in time to view the state of your application at a previous point in time.
  • C++ IntelliSense now responds to changes in the remote environment for both CMake and MSBuild projects targeting Linux. As you install new libraries or change your CMake projects, C++ IntelliSense will automatically parse the new headers files on the remote machine for a complete and seamless C++ editing experience.
  • We’ve updated the UWP Desktop Bridge framework packages to match the latest in the Windows Store for all supported architectures, including ARM64.
  • In addition to fixing 60 blocking bugs, we have added support for the range-v3 library with the MSVC 15.9 compiler, available under /std:c++17 /permissive-.
  • The retail VCLibs framework package in Visual Studio has been updated to match the latest available version in the UWP Store.
  • Full support is now available for ARM64 C++ Native Desktop scenarios, including VC++ 2017 Redistributable.
  • We implemented the shortest round-trip decimal overloads of floating-point to_chars() in C++17’s charconv header. For scientific notation, it is approximately 10x as fast as sprintf_s() “%.8e” for floats, and 30x as fast as sprintf_s() “%.16e” for doubles. This uses Ulf Adams’ new algorithm, Ryu.
  • A list of improvements to the standards conformance of the Visual C++ compiler, which potentially require source changes in strict conformance mode, can be found here.

You can find the full release notes here.


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