Visual Studio 2019 Released

On 2nd of April, Microsoft has released Visual Studio 2019. It comes with a host of IDE and performance improvements. For C++ developers, here are some new features:

  • Save time when writing C++ and XAML code by using Visual Studio IntelliCode, an optional extension that gives AI-assisted recommendations for your code.
  • Experience in-editor code analysis warnings. Code analysis runs automatically in the background and warnings display as green squiggles.
  • Try the new Template Bar, which uses the Peek Window UI and supports nested templates.
  • Run the new, updated implementation of the C++ Lifetime profile checker.
  • Configure your CMake projects using the new CMake Settings Editor, which provides an alternative to CMakeSettings.json.
  • Try out a host of backend improvements including OpenMP SIMD vectorization, link-time speedups, and more aggressive inlining.
  • Open existing CMake caches generated by external tools, such as CMakeGUI, or customized meta-build systems.
  • Improve analysis with /Qspectre for providing mitigation assistance for Spectre Variant 1 (CVE-2017-5753). For more information, see the Visual C++ Team Blog post.
  • Quickly switch between your previous sample arguments now that the Template Bar for Template IntelliSense has a Most Recently Used dropdown.

This is just a selection of some of the new features. The new release includes other productivity, CMake-related, and backend improvements for C++. The full release notes can be found here.


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