CppCon 2020 Sessions

I’ll be giving two sessions this year at CppCon 2020:

  • A keynote session titled “C++20: An (Almost) Complete Overview”:
    The technical work on C++20 was finished in January 2020, and is now being pushed through ISO certification.
    This presentation gives an overview of (almost) all new features in both the language and the Standard Library. Some more exotic features will be left out. New language features include modules, coroutines, concepts, templated lambdas, constexpr changes, designated initializers, the spaceship operator, string literals as template parameters, feature test macros, conditional explicit, immediate functions, and more.
    The second part of the session discusses the changes to the Standard Library. This includes topics such as ranges, atomic smart pointers, cancellable threads, a synchronization library, calendars, time zones, span, a formatting library, features test macros, and more.
    The material is mostly the same as the “C++20: What’s in it for you?” session from CppCon 2019, but it has been updated with the final standard. If you want a complete overview of all C++20 features, including references to other more deep-dive sessions at CppCon 2020 on certain topics, then this session is for you.
  • And a session titled “C++20 String Formatting Library: An Overview and Use with Custom Types”:
    C++20 introduced a nice formatting library with std::format(). This session will explain what the formatting library provides, how to use all of its functionality, and most importantly, how you can customize it so that you can use formatting strings that include your very own custom types and custom formatting parameters, and of course, how to handle errors.

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