Book “C++ Lambda Story”

A friend of mine published a new book, titled “C++ Lambda Story”. The book explains everything you need to know about lambda expressions in C++.

The book guides you through the evolution of C++ Lambda Expressions so that you can learn it step by step. It starts with C++03 and a motivation to have “ad-hoc” functors, and then moves into the latest C++ standards:

  • C++11 – early days of the feature. You’ll learn about all the essential aspects of lambdas and several tricks you might apply. This is the longest chapter as it needs to cover a lot of topics.
  • C++14 – updates. See how to use generic lambdas and captures with an initializer.
  • C++17 – more improvements, especially by handling ‘this’ pointer and allowing ‘constexpr’. You’ll also learn about the overloaded pattern and how to derive from lambda.
  • C++20 – in this section you’ll see all of the new features adopted for C++20 like template lambdas and how to use them with concepts and constexpr algorithms.

Additionally, throughout the chapters, you’ll learn about the following techniques:

  • Immediately Invoked Functional Expressions (IIFE)
  • How to instrument a default functor to gather extra information
  • Replacing std::bind1st, std::bind2nd and removed functional stuff
  • The Overloaded Pattern and how to inherit from a lambda
  • Passing C++ captureless lambda as a function pointer to C API
  • LIFTING with lambdas
  • Storing lambdas in a container
  • Variadic templates and arguments packs
  • Lambdas and asynchronous execution
  • and many more

The author, Bartłomiej Filipek, is giving a 28% discount to readers of my blog. This offer is valid until 27th of January 2021.
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