Next BeCPP UG Meeting Planned For June 24th, 2021

The next meeting of the Belgian C++ Users Group is planned for Thursday June 24th, 2021 at 18:00 and will be held online through Microsoft Teams.

The agenda is as follows:

  • 18:00: The Teams meeting will start to give people plenty of time to join.
  • 18:30: Session 1: A new way of formatting in C++20, are we getting there in the end? (Lieven de Cock)
    We will have a look at the problems the (s)printf family has brought upon us for decades, how iostreams tries to solve this in an unfriendly way, and how we can now have the best of both worlds, with the upcoming C++20 std::format (or for now with the reference implementation fmt::format).
  • 19:30: Session 2: Understanding value categories in C++ (Kris van Rens)
    In C++ today, do you know what an xvalue is? Or a prvalue? Why would you want to know? Because it matters! In C++, each expression is characterized by a value category. These value categories are used to describe parts of the C++ standard, and are often used in books and articles. You might have heard of terms like ‘lvalue’ or ‘rvalue’, which are the most commonly known ones. Over the years, changes to the C++ language changed the meaning of value categories. This means a lot of information about value categories is outdated or just plain wrong. In this talk, I will explain what expression value categories are in today’s C++ standard. It turns out that knowledge about value categories can really be beneficial. Not only will it enrich your understanding of C++ in general, it will deepen your understanding of mechanisms like move semantics. Also, it can help you to make better choices about code. These choices can then leverage language rules to enable compilers to generate efficient code without redundant copies. Other, related topics that will be covered: copy elision, return value optimization, temporary materialization.

The event is free for everyone, but you need to register for it.

There are 300 seats available for this event.

Note: The deadline for registrations is June 23rd, 2021!


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