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Double precision support in C++ AMP

Daniel Moth from the C++ AMP development team has posted an interesting blog post about double precision floating point arithmetic support in C++ AMP and its limitations on current hardware.

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Mandelbrot Using C++ AMP

It is time to start taking advantage of the computing power of GPUs…

A while ago I wrote an article about how to use the Microsoft Parallel Patterns Library (PPL) to render the Mandelbrot fractal using multiple CPU cores. That article can be found here.

This new article will make the Mandelbrot renderer multiple times faster by using a new Microsoft technology called C++ AMP: Accelerated Massive Parallelism, introduced in the Visual C++ 11 Preview.

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Parallel Pattern Library (PPL) in Visual C++ 2010

Visual C++ 2010 comes with a brand new library called the Parallel Pattern Library or PPL. It is a powerful library that makes writing parallel code easier which is getting more and more important with the current and upcoming multicore CPUs. This article will give an overview of the PPL. Read the rest of this entry »


Parallel Programming in Visual C++ 2010 CTP

The CTP build of Visual C++ 2010 includes a new library to help you write native parallel code. Writing parallel code is getting more and more important with the broad availability of quad-core CPU’s at this time and the many-core CPU’s that will appear in the coming years. I will only be talking about the new concurrency library for native code. Of course, writing parallel code was already possible for a long time. However, you had to create and manage all threads by yourself and this could often be a complex task. Because of this, it requires quite a bit of time to parallelize a simple loop over multiple threads. The new native concurrency library makes this much easier. Read the rest of this entry »