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Overview of New Features in Visual C++ 2010

A friend of mine, Marius Bancila, wrote several blog posts with details about new features in Visual C++ 2010.

He touches the following features:

  • MSBuild and multi-targeting
  • IntelliSense and Browsing (#include auto completion, call hierarchy, red squiggles, find all references, class wizard)
  • C++ compiler changes (static_assert, auto keyword, lambda, decltype, rvalue references)
  • Ribbon designer
  • Deployment changes
  • Task dialog support
  • Restart manager support

You can read his posts here. They give you a good idea of new features in VC++ 2010 🙂


MFC Restart Manager Support in Visual C++ 2010

Windows Vista introduced the restart manager. It is used to automatically restart an application after it crashes. It can also be used to restart application after a reboot by a Windows Installer or update. If you create a new MFC application using the project wizard in Visual C++ 2010, you will automatically get support for the restart manager. If you want to add support to an existing MFC application, you only need to add 1 line of code to the constructor of your CWinApp or CWinAppEx derived class. Read the rest of this entry »