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Product Information

NOTE: WindowTool is deprecated and is replaced with NuonSoft ShellEnhancer.

WindowTool is a little utility with the following features:

  • Put any window always on top (Note)
  • Change the transparency of any window (Note)
  • X-Window style moving/resizing of windows
  • Set any window in "Keep Focus" mode which prevents other windows from being activated. (Note)
  • Auto Manage windows: Example usage: Each time a Notepad is started, activate Always On Top and set transparency to 30%.

Note on Always On Top

Some programs do some special things with their windows. It might be possible that you cannot put some windows Always On Top with the menu in the system tray (click on the little icon of WindowTool near the clock). If that is the case, try to do it with the extra menuitems added to the system/window menu of all windows. (If there are no extra menuitems, enable them in the options.)


Note on the transparency feature of WindowTool

The transparency feature only works on Windows 2000 or later. The current transparency value of a window can only be retrieved on Windows XP or later. So, in the transparency menu on Windows 2000 there will be no indication of the current transparency value for a window.
Setting the transparency for a window is not guaranteed to always work flawlessly. Some programs do some special things with their windows. So it's possible that for certain windows the transparency setting doesn't have any effect.


Note on Keep Focus

This feature is currently not 100% correct, meaning that sometimes you can switch to another window while in Keep Focus mode.


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