CppCon 2020 Keynote

I’m thrilled to announce that I’ll be giving a keynote presentation at this year’s CppCon. Here is the official announcement 😎

The title of my keynote talk is “C++20: An (Almost) Complete Overview”. C++20 is going be discussed quite a bit at this year’s conference and in addition to providing an overview of the new language/library changes, I will guide attendees to other CppCon talks related to C++20.

If you want a complete overview of all C++20 features, including references to other more deep-dive sessions at CppCon 2020 on certain topics, then this session is for you.

After this talk, you should have the confidence and familiarity you need to embrace the latest version of C++.

Part of the abstract:

This presentation gives an overview of (almost) all new features in both the language and the Standard Library. Some more exotic features will be left out. New language features include

  • modules,
  • coroutines,
  • concepts,
  • templated lambdas,
  • constexpr changes,
  • designated initializers,
  • the spaceship operator,
  • string literals as template parameters,
  • feature test macros,
  • conditional explicit,
  • immediate functions,
  • and more.

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